Our Services

At Monocal, we are an extension of your digital team. We handle your marketing, creative and website needs, end-to-end. Including Tiktok ads, Google ads, Facebook ads, and your website design.

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Our Services

Improve your digital marketing through Facebook ads and Google ads.

Here's a brief overview on the things that clients ask for when they initially engage with Monocal.

Agent Recruitment for Agent-Based Business

Implementing a tried and true method, we help you increase your agent base. Increasing your influence nationwide.

Increase Sales Marketing Strategy

We diagnose the issue and outline a marketing strategy that resonates with your customers. Boost market attention for you and increasing your sales.

Website Development Services

Do you want to have an ecommerce store? Having issues with traffic? Or need a website revamp? We’ll make sure that your website is up to date and complies to Google’s UX standards.

Utilising Facebook ads, Google ads, and Tiktok ads.

Depending on your goal, we’ll get your product in front of the right people. Increasing your sales and bringing awareness to your business.

Content Marketing Services

Are you in a niche? Or you want to drive more traffic to your site? We’ll help you educate your potential customers. For your existing customers, we’ll create content that helps you retain engagement with them.


"I now understand why Monocal came so highly recommended. Their end-to-end capability enabled me to focus on growing my business even more"

Puan Balkis, CEO of Hakak Maneh
Our Process

We emphasize on client-focused process of marketing strategy

A process that puts your business in mind.
Let's have a look on Monocal's method to solve your business problems.
1. Discovery Session

We ask you important questions about your business. Getting to the root of your problem.

Decide business objectives

Know your target audience

Strategies to achieve business goals

Budget allocation to solve business problems

2. Market Research

We get to work learning about your audience. We deploy a few methods to achieve this:


Competitor Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Marketing Messaging

3. Strategy Session

From our research, we propose a strategy that best suits your business and the goal to achieve. Here we also define:

Business KPI

Metrics (on what to measure)

Communication & Reporting Loop

4. Marketing Execution

At this stage, we gather all the materials needed. Then we proceed to execution. 

What follows is a general 4 step approach:

Monitor campaign performance

Optimizing campaign

Scaling marketing campaign

Feedback loop on the marketing campaign